Coach Carlee on The News

WALTON COUNTY– It first started with Native Americans using it as a preparation for war.

Centuries later it became popular with prep schools and colleges in the Northeast.

It’s called lacrosse, and for Jamie Hansen and Carlee Costello, they said their mission is to promote what they call one of the fastest growing sports in the United States all around the Panhandle.

“It’s fast-paced, it’s physical, and there’s always a lot going on,” 30A Lacrosse Co-Founder Jamie Hansen said. “It has the feels of hockey, basketball, and some of the physicalness of football without the collisions. It’s a good sport to play, and it’s really fun to watch.”

“It’s just a unique community and the true American sport,” LaxChix Founder Carlee Costello. “It’s a family business and we love it. We’re just happy to get sticks in kids hands whenever we can.”

About a dozen girls came out to South Walton Sunday for a clinic co-hosted by Costello’s and Hansen’s lacrosse programs, where players of all ages learned everything about the sport

“It’s starting younger and younger. Right now, they feel like if they start them younger, then the high schools will add them. But it’s kind of a reverse trend with lacrosse,” Costello said. “If you put it in high school, then every 8-year-old kid wants to get a stick because their parent sees the varsity letter in front of them at the high school.”

For both Costello and Hansen, they said they’ll continue to spread the word about the sport to others in the area.

“Once kids come out here and get a stick in their hand and start to play, they begin to love the sport, and they keep coming back,” Hansen said.

According to Hansen, Seacoast Collegiate High School in South Walton will be starting both a boys and girls lacrosse team for this upcoming season.

Hansen says 30A Lacrosse’s events and clinics are free to take part in.